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Bluxbox Unboxing | Autumn Edition 2017.

Hi guys! It’s been 2 months since the last Bluxbox unboxing but here we are again with the Autumn edition. I love that the boxes are bigger but I rather have it every month instead of ever 2 months because I really can’t wait that long, haha! Shall we take a look inside together?

A little information about Bluxbox:

Every 2 months Bluxbox ships 8 to 10 beauty products in a lovely box, they will send you sample sizes or full sizes in the category makeup, skincare, haircare or perfume. Bluxbox works together with The Netherlands well known makeup artist Mari van de Ven. Mari helps picking out the best products every other month. Besides that, Bluxbox gives away a “Golden Ticket” every other month as well. With this ticket you can win a full makeover by Mari van de Ven! Bluxbox is the biggest most used beauty box of The Netherlands, and it’s the best way to discover new beauty products! The Bluxbox retails for €29,95 per 2 months.

blux box autumn edition 2017

I already saw some sneak peeks on Bluxbox’s Instagram and it made me super excited! I can already tell you that this box is super lovely and there are some amazing skincare products in it. In the Autumn edition are 11 products, how exciting is that!

blux box autumn edition 2017

Balmi – Super Cube Lip Balm In Mint (full size).

The first product in the box is this Balmi Lip Balm. It looks so cute doesn’t it? We got the one in the mint scent. This lip balm feels really smooth on the lips and the packaging is really lovely and handy. The mint scent also tingles a little on the lips so I think it’s also a bit plumping. I’m definitely going to use this one because I love lip balms, but who doesn’t? The Balmi Super Cube Lip Balm in Mint retails for €4,99.

blux box autumn edition 2017

Batiste – Original Dry Shampoo (travel size).

Next up is this dry shampoo from Batiste. We already got another Batiste dry shampoo in a cherry scent but this time we got the original. I’m not so much of a dry shampoo kinda gal, but I think I should definitely use it more as many people are loving it. Maybe I do give it a real try this time! The Batiste Original Dry Shampoo retails for €6,49 or $5,99 (full size).

blux box autumn edition 2017

Gosh – Prime’N Set Primer & Mattifying Banana Powder (full size).

Next up is the Banana Powder from Gosh. I got my first ever lipstick from Gosh so this definitely brings back some memories. This banana powder looks very interesting because it’s also a primer! I don’t know about you but a powder as primer sounds kinda weird to me. The color of the banana powder looks pretty light so I do think I can use this even though I have light skin. It’s always really hard to find a banana powder that is not too dark so I’m really happy with this one! The Gosh Prime’N Set Primer & Mattifying Banana Powder retails for €16,99.

blux box autumn edition 2017

Karin Herzog – Professional Cleansing (travel size).

Up next is a cleanser from Karin Herzog. I don’t know anything about this brand but I do love a good cleanser. This cleanser also works with waterproof makeup and you can even use it on the eyes. I can’t wait to try this cleanser out and see if I like it! The Karin Herzog Professional Cleanser retails for €69,00 (full size).

blux box autumn edition 2017

Love Me Green – Regenerating Night Face Cream (travel size).

Next is a night cream from Love Me Green. This cream stimulates cell renewing and is organic. When you apply this at night the next morning your skin is relaxed and hydrated and ready for the day. This cream sounds really nice and I can’t wait to try! The Love Me Green Regenerating Night Face Cream retails for €5,90 (travel size).

blux box autumn edition 2017

Olaz – Ultimate Eye Cream (full size).

The next product is something I’m actually pretty excited about! It’s the Olaz Ultimate Eye Cream. This cream is not just a normal eye cream that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This cream is a skin colored cream that also reduces dark circles. It neutralizes the blue tones under your eyes. It’s not a concealer though it only neutralizes. I can’t wait to try this out. The Olaz Ultimate Eye Cream retails for €24,99 or $26.99.

blux box autumn edition 2017

Paula’s Choice – Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer (full size).

Up next is also something I’m really excited about. I always wanted to try something from Paula’s Choice so I’m really happy, although this maybe isn’t something I get a lot of use out of because it’s an anti wrinkle serum and I don’t really have a lot of wrinkles yet, but I can always give it a go, right? The Paula’s Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer retails for €56,00 or $50.00.

blux box autumn edition 2017

Postquam – Eyebrow Fixer (full size).

Up next is this Eyebrow Fixer from Postquam, again a brand that I know nothing about. I first thought this was an eyebrow gel but it actually isn’t. You apply this waxy formula on your brows BEFORE you apply your brow products, so it’s actually a brow primer. You can also use it on top to fix your eyebrows. The Postquam Eyebrow Fixer retails for €24,00.

blux box autumn edition 2017

Postquam – Facial Oat Water (full size).

Another product from Postquam. This is a facial water, it hydrates, softens, and freshens up sensitive skin. It also has a calming effect on the skin and it’s the perfect boost before you apply your creams or makeup. The Postquam Facial Oat Water retails for €35,00.

blux box autumn edition 2017

Splat – Blackwood Whitening Toothpaste (travel size).

Next is this whitening toothpaste from Splat. My teeth are not super yellow but they definitely can get a lot whiter than they are. I once tried to whiten my teeth with charcoal, I also wrote a blog post about that and I definitely know charcoal is good for teeth whiten so I do think this toothpaste must work. I can’t wait to try! The Splat Blackwood Whitening Toothpaste retails for €7,80 (travel size).

blux box autumn edition 2017

Stylondon – Oval Face Brush.

Last product in the box is the Stylondon Oval Face Brush. I already have 2 oval face brushes in my collection but not this size. I still don’t know how to feel about them but I think this size would be great for cream contouring! The Stylondon Oval Face Brush retails for €10,00.


That was everything in the Autumn box! I like all the products and I think I get use out of all of them.

Do you live in The Netherlands or Belgium and want your own Bluxbox? Then click HERE!


What is your favorite item of this box? Let me know in the comments!


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