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My Top 10 Favorite YouTubers.

Hello again! Since I’m such a YouTube addict I thought it would be fun to share my favorite YouTube channels with you guys. I mostly watch beauty channels but there are some other channels that I also definitely love to watch. It was quite hard to make a top 10 because there are so many amazing YouTubers out there. Because it was already hard enough I didn’t put them in order which I love most, it’s just random.


Summer Try-On Clothing Haul | 2017.

Summer Try-On Clothing Haul | 2017.

This is my first try-on haul on my blog so bare with me guys! I’ve always wanted to do more fashion related posts and look books for you guys but I was lacking on confidence… I still am but I bought some new clothing for the summer and thought why the hell not do a try-on! I think we all have our body insecurities, but we can’t hide forever.