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Diet & Advent Calendar Time! | Dear Diary Week 33.

Diet & Advent Calendar Time! | Dear Diary Week 33.

Hello loves! It’s December! That means it’s finally time to open up our Advent Calendars, I also started my diet this week, and bought some amazing new makeup bits! Wanna know what else I did? Then keep on reading!

On Monday I started my new diet! I have a good feeling about this so I hope it’s gonna work this time! I wrote up some things for my new diet as a reminder and some lists. For breakfast I had some yoghurt with cruesli 🙂

dear-diary-week-33-5 diet

I watched some YouTube and played some Candy Crush. After that I went to town to get some new duvet covers. I saw some last week that I really wanted to get.


The first one is a flannel duvet cover, so it’s perfect for the winter time, it’s so soft! I also love the light blue stripes. The second one is just a cotton one in a checked pattern with blue, brown and white. I love them and I can’t wait to get to sleep in them! Back home I had some dinner and edited some pictures and wrote a blog post. After that I watched some series.

On Tuesday I watched some YouTube and searched the internet for my makeup wishlist that I really wanted to have. I put it all in my shopping cart, but I really wasn’t sure if I would buy it or not because it was a lot of money. After some thinking I decided to give myself a treat and buy it! 🙂 Everybody deserves something nice from time to time right? I made dinner and in the evening I gamed and watched some series again. I also washed my new duvet covers and put on the flannel one, it’s so soft! My diet is also going well, so that’s nice!

On Wednesday I went to work. It was so cold! But it was fun again, not anything special this time. Back home my order arrived and I was so happy! I put a haul up on my blog so if you want to see everything I got then head over to that post.


In the afternoon I made pictures of all my new babies and tried some stuff out. I’m so happy with it! I also chilled a bit on the couch and watched some YouTube. After dinner I wrote a blogpost and watched series again.

On Thursday it was December 1st, you know what that means right? ADVENT CALENDAR TIME!!! I’m so excited! I do a live unboxing on my Instagram stories every day, so if you want to open up advent calendars together or you just want to see what I get everyday then go follow me over there!

douglas adventkalender

Today I got the Venus Aqua 24 Face Cream. It was a bit of a boring day today, I didn’t really knew what to do. I watched a movie and some YouTube, and for the rest of the day I just chilled on the couch, bored… In the evening I took a shower and took some good care of my face. After that I watched a movie and went to bed. I hope it’s gonna be a less boring day tomorrow!

On Friday it was again a bit of a boring day *sigh*. Behind door 2 of my Advent Calendar was a Home Spa Fizzing Bath Cube. It’s a bit of a shame that I don’t have a bath, but I’ll figure something out!douglas adventkalender

I made some blog pictures and wrote a blog post. In the evening I went to horseback riding again. We did some Carrousel riding. I love that, so I was really happy, it also went really well. I’ve been asked to ride Carrousel on show night next week, of course I said yes! I can’t wait! Back home I played and cuddled a bit with my cat Luna and did a face mask. I watched some series and went to bed.

On Saturday I was getting a massive headache! I always get massive headache when I’m going to have my period and I hate it! Are there any girls out there that feel the same way? Raise your hand haha! Behind number 3 of my Advent Calendar there was this Douglas Men 2-in-1 Hydro Body & Hair Shower Gel. I don’t know why they put in a product for men, but I think my boyfriend will be happy with this one 🙂

douglas adventkalender

I tried some of my new makeup things and went outside for a walk. It was sunset and I made this stunning picture!


We picked up some groceries and made dinner back at home. After that I didn’t really do anything, my headache was starting to get worse so I just chilled on the couch and watched a movie.

On Sunday my headache still was not gone, it was still as massive arghhh! I didn’t really do anything, mopped the floor, watched some YouTube and typed up a blogpost.


A little headache selfie haha! Just look how bad my skin looks these days, oh my! My chin is covered in zits and I hate it! Sometimes I really hate being a woman haha! Behind number 4 was this little Daytox Clay mask, just what I needed!

douglas adventkalender

In the evening I watched an episode of a series and a movie with my boyfriend 🙂

Alright guys that was my week! I hope you all have had a wonderful week yourselves, and I will see you all next time!


What was your highlight of the week? Let me know in the comments!


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4 Responses
  • Sylvia
    December 6, 2016

    Gebruik je mijn dekbedovertrek niet dan? Enne, het is geen diēt, maar een andere manier van eten

    • Beauty-Blush
      December 6, 2016

      Weet ik maar noemde het even zo voor het gemak 🙂 en jawel maar wilde toch nog nieuwe hebben, nu heb ik een voorraadje! Xo

  • Wendy
    December 6, 2016

    Hope you’re feeling better now and that the headache has gone! Have you ever done a vision board… it’s a lovely way to spend a few hours? x

    • Beauty-Blush
      December 9, 2016

      Thank you, it’s going better now! No I haven’t heard of it, but I will check it out 🙂 X

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