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Maybelline – Master Sculpt 01 Light Medium.

Maybelline – Master Sculpt 01 Light Medium.

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna review the Maybelline Master Sculpt in 01 Light Medium. So if you wanna know more about this handy dandy little contour compact then keep on reading!

maybelline master sculpt

Here is the little compact! I have the one in the shade 01 Light Medium, but you also have one for darker skin tones; 02 Medium Dark. There is a contour shade, a highlighter, a brush, and a little mirror, all in this little compact!

maybelline master sculpt

The contour is a matte light brown shade. It’s not too orange so that’s a good sign, but it does look like a little bit of a “muddy” color. The highlight is a sheer highlight, but it has many glitters in it which I don’t really like.

maybelline master sculpt

Here you can see the close up of the product. I don’t really like the highlighter in this compact which is a total bummer! The contour shade is great, but the highlighter? A bit meh…

maybelline master sculpt

In the second layer of the compact you will find a mirror and this little brush. I really love this brush, that’s also one of the reasons why I bought it, because the brush actually looked like a nice quality instead of other brushes that comes with palettes. It’s flat but still precise and soft brush, you can get really sharp contour lines with this brush, so a big thumbs up for that one!

maybelline master sculpt  swatch

Here is a swatch on my hand. The powders are a bit hard to work with because they aren’t soft and buttery. The pigmentation is also not really great, to swatch it I needed to go over it a couple of times, but maybe that’s also a plus because you can’t make mistakes that easily. The powder looks a little bit orange but on the face is looks a little bit better. It’s not the most orange one, but also not the most cool toned one. The highlight is really sheer and not really pigmented at all, I only get a bunch of glitters and I don’t think that it makes it look very naturel. I don’t really like to cover my face in glitters. I like a highlighter that looks like a natural sheen on the face not a stripe of glitter.

maybelline master sculpt

Here you can see it in action! I think the contour looks really nice and also the highlighter looks okay from afar, but up close it’s not my fave! I really like this contour compact, but I wouldn’t buy it for the highlighter, just the contour and the brush. It does apply easy on the face, but if you want to go for a strong contour you need to put a little bit more effort in it.

– The Maybelline Master Sculpt retails for $9.65 or € 12,99.

maybelline master sculpt

Alright guys that was my review of the Maybelline Master Sculpt in 01 Light Medium! I hope you liked it and I will see you all next time!


What do you think about contouring? Yes or no? Let me know in the comments!


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