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Miss Sporty – The Miaoww Look Eyeliner.

Miss Sporty – The Miaoww Look Eyeliner.

Hello Blushies! Today I’m gonna review the Miss Sporty The Miaoww Look Eyeliner for you guys! If you’re looking for a good, cheap felt tip eyeliner then definitely keep on reading!

miss sporty the miaoww eyeliner

Every time I struggle finding the right felt tip eyeliner, who’s with me? They are always watery, smudgy, cracking, not black or there is nothing coming out at all! When I was on the hunt for a good and affordable eyeliner pen, I came across this one from Miss Sporty. Many people really liked this one, so I gave it a try!

miss sporty the miaoww eyeliner

I really like the name and the packaging of this eyeliner! There are some little cat animations on the whole pen, because of the name The Miaoww Look. The name is so fitting because most of the time you create a Cat Eye with eyeliner.

miss sporty the miaoww eyeliner

When I just bought this one I wasn’t really happy about it, it was again really watery and not a lot of pigment. I left it alone for a while losing hope on finding the perfect felt tip eyeliner pen, but I gave it another try. All of the sudden it was really pigmented and pitch black! Like what? Where did that came from. I got a perfect wing!? Maybe it just needed some time.

Little Tip: Always store your felt tip eyeliners upside down so the ink stays in the tip of the eyeliner.

miss sporty the miaoww eyeliner

I really like the nip of the eyeliner. It’s not too long and not too short. It is really thin and pointy at the tip, and a little flexible so you’re not dragging your skin around.

miss sporty the miaoww eyeliner swatch

I swatched it on my hand so you can see the pigmentation. It is pretty black like you can see, and I can make a really nice thin line. It doesn’t bleed too much and it also doesn’t smudge at all!

miss sporty the miaoww eyeliner swatch

Here I’m wearing it on my eye. It’s not really a good example because I was in quite a hurry. It also doesn’t look as black on the picture, but I can assure you that it is super black in person.

miss sporty the miaoww eyeliner

I love this eyeliner and it’s the best one I have ever tried! It applies really easy, even the wing is a piece of cake with this eyeliner pen! It also dries really quickly, so you don’t really have to wait for it to dry! It doesn’t smudge, creases or crack during the day which is awesome! I have it for a couple of months now and it is still not dried out or performing less. This eyeliner just sounds too perfect doesn’t it? Wait till you see the price!

-The Miss Sporty The Miaoww Look Eyeliner Retails for only £2.99 or € 3,49.


What is your favorite eyeliner? Let me know in the comments!


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