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Monthly Favorites! | September 2017.

Hello beauties! It’s the first of October, September is over so it’s time to talk about my favorites of September. I haven’t really tried a lot of new stuff this month but I did pick up some old favorites that I used years ago and fell in love with them all over again.

This month I have some skincare, makeup and also 2 hair products! There isn’t anything lately that I’m really loving unfortunately so I picked out some things that I liked using this month. I hope when I get into the swing of things that I will fall in love with some products again, but for now this is what it is!

favorites september 2017

The first product is actually something I AM loving! This is a 99% Aloe Vera Gel from Kueshi. It’s a really simple gel but when I was a mosquito’s dinner again a few weeks ago this little beauty pulled me through it. It really reduced the redness and swelling. I also suffer from subclinical acne which are skin colored bumps on your forehead. I’ve tried a lot to get rid of it and since I use this as a moisturizer it looks like it’s a bit less bumpy!

favorites september 2017

favorites september 2017

This beauty I have in my makeup stash for quite a while but I still can’t get over it how pretty it is, and so affordable as well! I also wrote a blogpost about this some time ago where I duped it for the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. These 2 look almost exactly the same. If you’re looking for a blinding and affordable highlighter then this is your guy, it’s the W7 Glowcomotion Highlighter.

favorites september 2017

This is an old love that I talked about earlier this post. This is the Gliss Kur Total Repair Leave In Conditioner. Since I cut my hair short it’s really poofy and curly and frizzy. I used this all the time when I was younger and it helped so much keeping my hair silky and smooth, I totally missed this stuff so I’m really glad I got it once again!

favorites september 2017

favorites september 2017

Next up is this Eyebrow Kit from City Color. When I used up my Gerard Brinard Eyebrow Kit in my project pan I needed to find a new brow powder for a daily basis. I got this one in one of my beauty boxes and never actually tried it out so this was the perfect timing and I really love it. I use the darker brown most of the time and the lighter one for the days that I prefer some lighter brows. The powders are really pigmented and the shades are perfect for me!

favorites september 2017

Last but not least, another one of my lost soulmates! I used this Andrelon Perfect Curl Control Cream in combination with the Gliss Kur one when I was younger and that combination was perfect for my frizzy hair. This cream definitely keeps my curl together without them being frizzy or feeling gross and hard or sticky. I really love this product and I think I always will!

favorites september 2017

That were all my favorites of the month September guys! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What was your ultimate favorite this month? Let me know in the comments!


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2 Responses
  • BipolarBeauty
    October 1, 2017

    I rediscovered Loreal True Match foundation, so that was probably my favourite last month. 🙂

  • Linda
    October 2, 2017

    These look like some great products! I haven’t tried any of these yet. I think my ultimate favorite recently is the Benefit Cheek Parade palette 🙂

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