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Trying Out Japanese Candy.


Trying Out Japanese Candy.

This week something totally different! I’m Trying Out Japanese Candy! These are two kinds off DIY Japanese Candy that we are gonna try today, let’s hope they’ll taste Yummy!

trying out japanese candy 2

This Is the first one we’re gonna try out! It’s called DIY Waku Waku Soft Candy, it looked really cute and quite simple, so I think we can do this!

trying out japanese candy 3

This is what’s inside the package. You have your molds (front and back). They are hard plastic molds, so maybe you can also use it for polymer clay as well! I have the bunny and the elephant, very cute! You also get four little sticks and 2 kinds of candy; a pink strawberry one and a yellow lemon one. Let’s do this!

trying out japanese candy 4

You can design the little animals the way you like it, for these two I stuck to the sample picture. It was really sticky and a little bit hard to put tiny little pieces of candy in the cute tiny molds. It was a little bit of a struggle but I managed, it didn’t took away the fun!

trying out japanese candy 5

After that you need to squeeze the front and the back together and put the sticks in the middle, this was really easy to do. I really wanna see how they turned out! You too? Let’s take a look.

trying out japanese candy 6

This is what they look like! The first picture are the ones that I did with you guys, on the second picture I made two other ones! Aren’t they cute!? They are literally as big as my fingertips haha. They taste really sweet but the combination of strawberry and lemon were really tasty, I liked it and so did my boyfriend 🙂

On to the next kit!

trying out japanese candy 7

This one is called DIY Choco Banana Soft Candy. I don’t consider this one really as a DIY. It is actually just banana candy with a dip haha, but it looked really nice and I really like banana flavored candy so that’s why I wanted to try this one as well!

trying out japanese candy 8

In this kit you find some banana candy pieces, a little bag with chocolate, a pick and some sprinkles. The chocolate felt a little hard so I warmed it up a little in my hands before I used it. I think It’s a little bit weird that there is only one pick and six candy pieces, not very handy if you want to share it with friends!

trying out japanese candy 9

This one is a lot easier to do. The first thing you need to do is cut open the bag of chocolate and squeeze it on one side of the tray. It looks and smells a little bit like Nutella, Hope it taste like it as well! 🙂

trying out japanese candy 10

Next step is to open the baggie of sprinkles and put it on the other side of the tray.

trying out japanese candy 11

Now put the candy on the stick and you’re ready to dip! It was quite hard to put the pick into the candy, the candy was tough and hard and I needed to push quite hard and I was a little bit scared that if I pushed too hard it would or break or puncture my hand, but luckily it went okay!

trying out japanese candy 12

Dip it in to the chocolate! Don’t you just want to lick your screen right now? Look at that Yummyness!

trying out japanese candy 13

Then dip it into the sprinkles! I bet you’re really hungry right now!

trying out japanese candy 14

And TADAA!! There you have it! Please Don’t eat your screen right now! 🙂 This is the last Yummy picture of today, so I am not gonna torture you anymore with this Yummyness! It tasted nice but weird, the candy was quite hard and the chocolate was soft. The candy tasted a little bit like banana chewing gum but it was nice!


That was it for today! I hope you liked it and I will see you next time!


What is your favorite candy? Let me know in the comments!



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  • Eilish
    February 29, 2016

    Japanese candy is soo cute

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